E-textiles for wearable healthcare

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We develop textile based wearable medical devices for pain relief and rehabilitation. Our products allow users to manage their conditions at home leading to improved quality of life and reduced healthcare cost.

The technology is underpinned by the team's over 10 years research experience on e-textiles, wearable electronics, and the use of electrotherapy.

We have a ISO13485:2016 Quality Management System on “Design, Development and Manufacture of a wearable electrode garment for electrotherapy” which has been certified by NQA.


The novel dry electrodes are integrated into a comfortable knee sleeve and connected to an electronic control unit for joint pain relief. The product is breathable, comfortable to wear, easy to use, and washable.


Pain relief


Assisted living

DVT prevention

Lymphatic functions

Others (e.g. VR & gaming)

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Bespoke electrodes for your applications

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